WTB battery spot welder

Looking to buy or rent one of those Arduino S2 (Spot welder + Soldering Iron Controller for Hakko T12) that is sold on this forum.

Please contact if you have one to sell, or if you could rent it out for a few weeks and I can build my battery pack.

just buy one…?

Not everyone has a ton of money laying around

Yeah if someone has a used one that isn’t needed at the moment or anymore, I’m looking to buy or rent one long enough to build my battery packs and then sell it or return it if rented.

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I’ll do that if it comes to it but figured I’d try this first, would save me time and money. For those who have one already I imagine they aren’t using it all the time so renting it out wouldn’t be a problem I suppose.


Renting one for a very good price could come down to USD 50, plus shipping back and forth USD 30 maybe more. A brand new arduino spot welder costs 80 USD or so and you keep it in case your battery needs service which would definitely need in the future. I would suggest to wait a little bit until you gather some money, I had the same idea before, I thought I was never going to use it but at the end it’s a pretty useful tool


Ok so I’m still a little confused how to order one though. What exactly do I need to do for the full set $95+$15 S&H

No 95 plus shipping. It’s 80+15 then add shipping. I paid for expedited shipping so mine was 122, you can send it as friends and family like everyone else has. Then he will ship it to you. Just provide all the information required such as email and address like it states in the sellers link.

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About how long does it take to arrive? USA

Four days to Hawaii where I live. Maybe 2-3 more for mainland based on where you live.


What’s the status of the rest of the stuff you would need? Battery for it, nickel strip, BMS, shrink wrap, cell protectors, ect?

Ok I guess I’ll just order one then.

On another note, I need help with one thing about building my battery pack. I want to build a 12s5p battery pack by combining two 6s5p packs. To do this, would I combine each packs positive and negative together, or would I just need too wire one positive to the others negative, then use the unconnected positive and negative ends as the main terminals? I don’t want to end up with a 6s10p pack, lol.

Spotweld neg to pos for series ie 12s5p Pos to pos neg to neg for parallel ie 6s10p

For sure you need to spend some time considering how you intend to wire and build this pack. Tons of info and answers to all your questions on what to do. Safety first bro.

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Where do I get my hands on one of these?

I don’t know why but this seems backwards to me…

That’s a cool cable, I’m trying to figure which ends connect up, and why there is two female ends, one of which has two negative cables and one female end.

Nope pos to neg for series ie 12s5p



I guess what I mean is it seems like the S, and P are backwards. Like if I take 12 batteries and have them all connected with the same poles, that’s 12s1p. If I take another 12 and connect them same as last and then combine the 2 sets at their positive and negative end it’s 12s2p, not 24s1p.

So I’m just not seeing how connecting pos and neg on 2 6s5p produces 12s5p and not 6s10p like it does in the previous example…