WTB Battery (US-Ca)

Bought a 12s4p battery from bimmer about a year and a half ago. After the first one he sent me short circuited in the mail, the second one seemed fine. A couple months pass and the battery stops working. I open it up and spot welds are falling apart, and half the batteries are corroded.

Looking to buy a new battery! Single stacked and any size. If you can build a battery for me, I can send you the (few) working 30q cells from my last battery.

@thisguyhere esk8life.com


I’m looking for a beast of a 12s battery as well… Samsung 30q’s… please. Psychotiller help!!

I can build you any battery you like for a price cheaper than anyone else.

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I prefer using UMASS xt90s and not sure if I need a complete BMS although, I should for safety reasons but I definitely want the convenience of charging while in the board. 15654590232984928175896247827284 I have this 52V 25AH monster pack I was using for my ebike and even though they’re lithium ion batteries and not lipos this battery of mine is very powerful but not 18 650s so it’s pretty heavy for lithium.

My battery comes with the correct charger and still under warranty. Has a current voltage which reaches 53.2 volts.

Any interest? 6s4p only a few hours on it.