[WTB][Bay area CA] Need a 10s BMS rather quickly, like this weekend

Just shorted my current BMS due to a nanometer sized nick in the shrink wrap of a bullet connector, ugh. I’ve run into problem after problem with this build and i just want to be totally done with it.

I’m in SF but willing to take a drive if it means i can finally finish this board this weekend

i’m looking for a charge BMS since i’m doing discharge bypass anyway

Edit: as something of a backup plan i got that walfront $20 bms on amazon on order BUT i’d prefer to support someone locally with a sale and return the amazon one…

Here’s the aftermath if you’re curious

should get to u by tues-weds

ships from LA


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I also have a D140 10s charge only bms that I am willing to sell. I am in the 94546 area. About 20 to 30min away from sf.

uh oh now i feel like a bit of a jerk because moments after making the post i puchased one of these one-day shipping off amazon as a backup plan


question probably not appropriate for the marketplace forum; how does the d140 stack up to this guy from amazon? also, what’s with the wiring diagram on the d140? it looks like the balance headers are split across two connectors? that’s strange indeed

I’m currently using that BMS for charging only and it seems fine to me. Even used this BMS on my first build using lipo batteries and it was working fine.

how did you wire it for charge only? @MannyM0E @osbor

This is how I connected mine for charge only:


^ that is how I wired mine, seems to be working well

I was thinking about buying this BMS, since I have not found a store in Europe that has the Bestech D140.

How is this BMS?

The bms is good, use it for charge only though. Wire it like the diagram shown and you should be fine.

On a side note what is up with new guys reviving old threads? :confused:

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