WTB: BenchWheel or I-Wonder SK-D

Hahah… You waited this long…ride with these devils before you buy

@LEVer maybe you should make a deal with @DrB

If he doesn’t :heart: Your hubs… You have to give him a ride to the store to buy his electric skateboard lol

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The glory days:


I have not ridden an E-board before. From researching I’d say I prefer hubs due to them being water (splash) and dust proof (easier to maintain). Don’t need the ability to customize gearing etc. But if I end up with a belt system that’d be fine as well.

Eh… I’m just putting myself in his shoes…

If I was to purchase a pre made board…

Yeah, I’d look at the same crap he’s looking at…especially if I’ve never really tried out an Eboard…

And if I had an offer to ride other people’s ride so I can make some sort of educated desion …id be all over it…

Riding an electric skateboard is addicting…

And to have buyers remorse … Eh…it just kills the sizzle

But to answer your orginal questions as to what would be on my list at that price point to be exact … It would be the ego at the sacrifice of speed …I couldn’t name two others I would trust

If you had double the budget or so…Evolve, Metroboard and boosted

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The best eboard is the one you build yourself, But if you’re not interested in making a hobby out of it then nothing wrong with buying a prebuilt. Just don’t buy one of those junk Chinese boards from eBay or amazon. They break and then you can’t get them fixed and there’s no customer service. They’re just a waste of money. You could buy a prebuilt board from Carvonskates.com, They stand behind their products with customer service that is unmatched.

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I have an EGO and a Carvon V2 Single. I should have a Carvon V2.5 any day now. Can’t wait!!!

My first board was the EGO. Great board and I still have it. Reliable as heck and I’ve gotten pretty good customer support. You will likely want more speed at some point, but 13mph is fast enough to get you where you want to go and have fun doing it. I still enjoy riding mine.

Now if you want to spend a little more cash, you can build your own fairly easily for around a grand. One thing that makes Hubs easier when doing a DIY build is that you don’t have to worry about gears, mounts, and belts. $250 for the Carvon V2.5 Single is a really great price. You can do it cheaper, but it would take more work and research to get there.

The Carvon V2.5 single deal looks interesting…

So IF (huge if…) I were to actually do a custom build, building an entry level board, these are my current calculations:

Carvon V2.5: $250 Carvon VESC: $99 Remote (eSk8 group buy): $50 Deck: suggestions? (preferred: wooden longboard) Battery + enclosure: suggestions? (target: 10-15 miles range, up to 20mph speed) Total Build: $$$ (target = up to $600)

Is it possible? Am I missing anything?

Your probably looking at a bit more for a hub set-up. You should really come out and try a couple of boards before you buy. I’ll be posting here for the next meet up: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/updated-with-location-california-santa-monica-meet-up/6994/110

I’ve got a hand full of boards you can try. And if @LEVer shows up, you can try some hubs.

Need to budget a bit more. If you go with lipo you can prob get away with $750 or so. If you go with a higher quality battery budget around $300 for it.

Sundays are tough, but I appreciate the offer (and might take you up on it if I am free)! Is there a meetup.com group (or FB group) as well? For the exact location and time?

On a budget, i’d suggest a simple single motor belt setup. Cheaper - learn as you go and stay closer to your budget (or use that $ for more batteries/range).

A single Sk3, belt drive setup from DIYes or Enertion (kit w/ gears and belt), Lipo batteries for budget (dual 4s for 8s in series and budget friendly). VESC, wires, heatshrink, etc.

Just pick a charger (iMax B6ACv2 recommended for least $ w/ good features and simple), a deck (personal preference!), but maybe even go blank deck for $ savings - http://www.funboxdist.com/store/top-mount-longboards/ or similar.

advantage is you can easily add a second motor dual diagonal (possible dual rear if you keep around 55mm can length) later if you need more power!

you dont want a i wonder they suck ,benchwheel are awesome