WTB: BenchWheel or I-Wonder SK-D

I realize I don’t have the time (or skill) to build a board myself, and so I am now in the market for a solid dual motor entry-level board, such as the BenchWheel or the I-Wonder SK-D in case anyone is selling theirs. (I am in Los Angeles.)

Thanks, JT

please take a moment to search this site for the issues with the boards you are requesting to purchase


I am in Santa Monica. I am looking at duals primarily for the the more controlled acceleration/breaking power.

I have spent many hours on this site reading the feedback about these (and other) boards. I have also communicated extensively with the BenchWheel and i-Wonder factories in China. The result of my research is that these 2 boards are currently the best “bang for the buck”. If you have another recommendation I am all ears!


Well, personally I’d stay away from both…

Besides quality issues, and the likey hood they are blowing smoke telling you these are the next best thing since sliced bread … If something should happen…What would be your recourse? Parts if something should break?

Then these boards shouldn’t be on your list

Which boards should be on my list?

It really depends on your budget mate and what you want the board to do for you…

What’s you budget? What do you weigh? Where are you gonna ride? How far do you want to travel? What kind of speeds do you want to reach?

Simple “ask yourself this” questions but will really help you narrow down your hunt for a pre made board right for you.

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You mention dual…is this for the speed or for the power?

Many of us here can build singles that can smoke the duals you mention…true story

I’ll be also riding in L.A …but trust me …you dont need duals there. I-WONDER is pretty decent although at the price of 799$ - you can have a lot better DIY board.

@DrB why don’t you go for a group ride with the boys and @LEVer from CarvonSkates before you commit to anything I was just in Venice and took a ride …


Maybe you’ll come over to the dark side when you get going on a real board :smiling_imp:

Ha - I actually signed up for that meetup in Venice but then couldn’t make it!

I don’t need speed, and I don’t need climbing power. All I want is to ride the bike path (for now at least).

What’s you budget? I can get the BW or SK-D for about $500 - $600, so that’s the range for a new board. What do you weigh? About 170 lbs. Where are you gonna ride? Flat bike path (for now). How far do you want to travel? 10-15 miles max. What kind of speeds do you want to reach? Not important (but I don’t want to crawl along, either.)

You can build a board like that very easily if you want to. Here are some parts I’d recommend:

  1. SK3 245KV Motor
  2. 150A Car ESC (or VESC if you want to get the best of the best… overkill for 6S)
  3. (2) 6S 5000mah battery wired in parallel.
  4. Enertion Motor Mount
  5. Enertion Wheel Pully System 12mm
  6. Any remote - look around for a group buy. I know @Michaelinvegas is thinking about doing another for a trigger style remote, I’m sure some people here would be willing to sell you a spare remote. Or if you want, just buy a new remote from one of the DIY Esk8 companies.
  7. Caliber 50 Trucks, along with Flywheel Clone Wheels. Any random deck you can find for cheap.
  8. As for the enclosure, there are multiple options. I’ve seen people use lunch boxes, you can even use IKEA utensil trays!

The yuneec ego2 goes 13mph and has range up to 18 miles and has a nice deck with tail kick. with good support from factory and spare parts not too expensive. they are $699 new. Customer support from benchwheel is not.

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Well I do hope you take advantage to meet to meet some good people and to try out the boards…hubs vs. belts… Deck styles …trigger finger or thumb …the more people that come out when you ride the better…

I’m not worried …I shall soon see your build thread … Mark my words…you’ll find the time :smiling_imp:

@LEVer @Namasaki Thanks for the suggestion. The E-go2 was on the radar, but the 12mph max speed made it drop off the radar… Maybe I need to reconsider this board.

@Michaelinvegas I hear you… I have been researching boards, buy-vs-build, for a few weeks now. Time to pull the trigger (…) and get going!