WTB Bestech D140 12s Charge Only BMS

Need a charge only BMS. Ideally in the US

I think @JLabs is getting some in… but I have no clue the time line. Jared?

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@JLabs killing it with all the hard to find stuff! Nice!

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It will be a month till I have everything. Complete restock and have new products, like the D140


Time for a poll. What D140 do you guys need?

  • 6s LiPo
  • 10s LiPo
  • 12s LiPo
  • 10s Li-Ion
  • 11s Li-Ion
  • 12s Li-Ion

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I think I have one of these. I’ll let you know when I get home from work today.

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Ask @thisguyhere

Do you know how to reset it ?