WTB BKB MOTOR MOUNT, left and right

Looking for the left and right, pictured here: https://buildkitboards.com/collections/motor-mounts/products/motor-mount-1

I talked to Jared and he said they would be back by early February, but he couldn’t guarantee it. This is the last part of my build and I’m super impatient. I am willing to pay full price for them, but They must be in new condition

I have both , one of them has the holes for the belt guard drilled out. They aren’t near me so i won’t be able to take pictures or ship them until Monday They haven’t been used in the road yet I’ll sell both for $50

I’ve got a unused set too, I’ll raise you, $60. :slight_smile: IMG_20190105_155111

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Awesome! @deucesdown I will take you up on that offer. Will pm shortly. @Jc06505n no hard feelings, I just want some perfect condition mounts


Got a pic? I might be interested.

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Will have to wait till Monday

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Ok, so we’re doing this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll raise to $70. Including matching 3D printed belt covers from the labs of J, himself.

20190105_170719 20190105_171145 20190105_171207 20190105_171226 20190105_171252


If he doesn’t take that combo, I will.

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Took pictures but forgot about them ,

image image image image

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Hey sale fell through. I think everything’s still available?