WTB: Boosted Board battery and electronics case / enclosure / frame

Hi there!

I´m looking to buy the battery / electronics enclosures from a boosted board.

I really like the shape of these and would like to make some out of carbon fiber, thus I need them as a mold.

The boosted battery is epoxyied to the case you will likely destroy it before you remove the case from the battery.

Just get an enclosure from @Eboosted they look like the boosted enclosure but are high quality.

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Batteries can still be in the case. Maybe somebody got a dead battery pack… I know the awesome Eboosted enclosures. But I got the hole equipment and like to do things by myself :wink:

I have an extra standard range battery I’ll part with for $50.

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I have a V2 standard range battery case you can have for $20 plus shipping it is missing the power button, bms and cells but is in great condition. I can send pictures tonight. I’m in the U.S.

It can be opened without damaging anything! Ive opened v1, v2 standard and Extended range boosted batteries.

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hey do you still have a v1 boosted bms?

I have a V1 BMS, with the batteries and the original ESC attached to the v1 motors if you want it.