WTB brushed DC motor

By the way, the truck assembly requires you to make extra holes in your deck, they have a wider frame

Big oof right there, not a problem though, I got access to tools for that

Oh yeah, this brushless motor was running on a modded altered board that went 30mph

I have a 350w 24v MY1016 you can have for free if your buddy grabs that pintail. I was overvolting it at 36v and the thing never got hotter than I could touch. Not sure how familiar you are with brushed motors but a 12v overvolt speeds them way up and is generally considered safe and standard in the super scooter world. This motor was in my first electric skateboard/mtb hybrid actually haha image

Before you laugh too hard, top speed I hit using a stupid phone app was 28mph. This thing actually could push me through the woods.


350watt, sounds really weak, but that’s real nice of you @venom121212

You sound real weak. Say something :wink:

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I’m currently using a 10s li ion so that would be 18v overvolt for a little while, would that be too much?

Shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll still send it for fun. I was running my 10s4p chinese lithium pack on it with no trouble. 42v gave it no problem and the voltage only goes down from there.

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350watt, not you, lol

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@venom121212 what was the top speed on that hybrid build


The scooter wheel in the back helped a lot

What was the acceleration on that? It looks like it be a bit weak if its geared for nearly 30 at 350W

350 watt, 28mph, impressive

I switched the motor sprocket to a more torque-y one to account for that. The overvoltage of the battery really helped the speed.

Here’s my original plan (what got me into skating to begin with)https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Electric-Skateboard/

I added my comments to it too. The only reason I built a full on board (well 2 now) was because the brushless motors are the only ones that support vesc (without some heavy mods)

I was using 3 x 12v SLA batteries like the instructable was but they were so heavy. I got my first Li-ion pack from aliexpress (knockoff cells, blah) but it certainly cranked the speed up due to the weight difference.

Holy fuck what is that!?

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Whats the diameter? 95mm?

Man I have no idea how I even found that to begin with. I often think back “WTF was I searching for when I found this?”

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I thing you were looking for a Mad Max death machine

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I’m interested but I have absolutely no idea how to mount it, its 5mm larger in diameter than the ground clearance on my board so like…help

Front truck is MBS ATS 12 with 8" wheels. Rear wheel is 12" scooter wheel. :sunglasses: