WTB brushed DC motor

Anyone got a brushed DC motor? Around 36V and 800W. Needs to be low RPM or have gearbox. Located east coast US.

I brought a motor here for a skateboard and it’s busted…still have all the electronics and mechanicals

Try @KaramQ maybe since this https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/no-words-just-pictures-delete-words/2992/9810?u=grozniy

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I got 8 ad of now, just got 8 altered boards

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I’ll have a thread up tonight, on all the stuff I’m parting out

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First dibs on one of the motors if they work

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I’ll test it out before

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@KaramQ Lol. How do the pink abec 11 look?

Great! Hit the fucking jackpot


Hey, so I got some, one is 600watts, the other is 750, 600 w has 3700 rpm, and the 750, I have no clue

Are there model numbers or anything?

Let me see if I can find anything


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All the dc motors I have work, and have pulleys with belts

That model doesn’t return anything motor related, pics (of the labeling specifically)?



Is that better

Yes Dong motors :rofl::rofl:

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Lol, would they work for you

I’d imagine so, it looks like a strange truck assembly so it’ll take some modding but it should work just fine. As long as its a ~36V brushed DC motor and the can diameter is less than 3" it should do fine