WTB Caliber II's 44degree trucks

Based in NYC. Looking for Caliber II’s.

you could try uncle funky’s

I got mine from amazon for $35. I think that’s pretty cheap compared to other websites that sell them.

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So why the 44’s as most want the 50 degree

It’s going on a small deck and I’d like to minimize potential for bite or wobble. Do you have 50’s?

44 degree trucks will bite more for the amount of turn you get from them they “lean” more than a 50, they do minimize wobble by being more stable though and even then, you only really need to lower the angle of the rear truck to achieve the stability results from it. If you have 50’s try just using wedges to de-wedge the rear to the angle you want and keep the front at 50 for maneuvering around. Original does not sell base-plates separately.


Excellent information, thank you for disabusing me of my unfounded notions about truck geometry.

I’m confused. I thought 50’s were more stable but 44’s did turn better. Let’s say under 20 mph 44’s would be better for street riding, carving ,but 50’s for anything faster, approaching downhill speeds. Please correct me if I’m wrong but a 50° truck could be wedged to behave like a 44° so it really doesn’t matter what u start with unless you can’t use risers.

I think you have things switched. The 44 degree trucks are closer to the ground which allows for more stability at higher speeds. The 50 degree trucks add more clearance and should carve better with the added height. Both are very stable at high speeds but the 44 is a bit more stable and the 50 is a bit better at carving.

You should just use google a bit… Here’s a very complete article about truck angles


I hear ya. I measured and come up with a 2mm difference which could be nothing based on how you tighten the trucks. So I see no difference in height just angles that can change with angled risers and angles of deck rocker. The link was good. I had it completely backwards. I will use my 44’s on my straight up speed board and 50’s for everything else. I have noticed that all my boards have some kind of positive or negative rocker to begin with so this must be overcome first to actually get a true 50 or 44. You must use a straight level and protractor to measure these small angles to even know what riser to order. To make it harder is to do this with a board that flexes which changes the true riding angle based on your weight. .

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I told ya…lol…