WTB Carvon motor

I want to get these hub motors. Plz helppppppp!!!

They do come up for sale from time to time, best of luck on your search! :slight_smile:

Check out jay mc coy on FB he’s selling a set🤙🏾

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can I have a link?

It’s A closed fb group (ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD BUY and Sell USA). Your better off messaging him the name I gave you. It takes forever to get approved to enter the group.

This forum is much better than facegram or instabook or snapspace or mychat


Strongly agree…:call_me_hand:t5:

I think Jay is selling a Torque Drive.

which drive are you looking to get? SD? TD? or unreleased XL?

Looking for the TD - I sent him a message on FB hope he responds

I have brand new torque drives for sale. One used set, lightly. And one brand new. imageimage

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How much for a set?

@Wraith this might be for you

Thanks for that! although after a good amount of time reading about pros cons of direct drive over satellite configurations(and even getting abit into some theory which made my head spin) I decided to go gear drive :laughing:

While I still like direct drive I wanted to go with something that could go uphills well and use pneumatics(without going 4wd)

Maybe you’d be interested in picking these up? :wink:

Haha nah man, I’m designing my own version of the carvon dd’s for a mini commuter board

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woah I’d be keen to see how that develops! I’ll keep an eye out should you put a build log of it :smile:

I’ll tag you in it if I go through with the plan, I’ve got to do some more research on the trucks first through, custom or tb218’s? I can’t decide because that also defines the size of the motor

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I do feel like custom would allow more freedom but be more costly as many others have done so like @torqueboards @fliess. Actually come to think about it, since @torqueboards is building custom trucks(though I believe its slightly modified) for direct drive, maybe you could do find something to work on around those lines?

Actually that sounds like a good idea, I might be able to get some Tb DD trucks

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Yeah I’ve seen a photo of it but no word if they’ll be sold separately. Its got some heat sink fins towards the center with a over all slimmer hangar where the drives sit presumably. Would be nice for them to offer the trucks stand alone :smile:

Yes it would