WTB: Carvon v2 dual

Hey guys, I’m looking to pick up a v2 dual carvon to match the v2 carvon I already have. I’m looking to test 4wd with hummies hubs vs 4wd with the carvon v2’s. I really enjoy the high speeds of the carvons, but I draw too many amps for a dual drive (30 amps per motor continuous on dual), which is quickly putting my vescs into a over heating shutdown. So I would like to do try 4wd with the carvon v2’s.

So anyone selling I live in San Francisco. Will pay for shipping + a fair price depending on the amount of usage. PM me with your info!

Fyi, I saw Jerry post that he will still make V2 motors on request. In case you can’t find any used ones.

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