WTB: Cheap/2nd hand HUB motors with trucks

Before I think about ordering from diyesk8, wish or eBay I thought I’d see if anyone had some HUB motors lying around they’re not using. Something cheap really. Also located in UK or EU.

I’m looking to build an airline safe board to take on holiday. So I’m thinking a 7S1P if single hub or possible 7S2P if dual hub (2 X 7S for transport) using Samsung 30T. I’m not looking to set the world on fire, just a simple slowish board for cruising the Spanish promenades.

Thinking a fish board deck which will fit in a suitcase.


@Vanarian is selling meepo hubs. Good hubs for a cruise board.

Meepo V1 hubs with non replaceable urethane. In good shape, hanger is just a little bit rusty. 50 eur + shipping. I have front trucks and wheels if you need, hobbywing 10s esc with enclosure (really smooth cheap esc). I also have cheap 10s2p meepo batteries, but those are over 99Wh, so I guess you don’t need them IMG_20190203_205250 IMG_20190203_205205


Humble me was selling diyeboard type hubs and they’re sold :joy:

But thanks for the link man!

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no problem! Happy you sold it…:wink:

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@Tinp123 Where abouts in Europe are you?

Not to hijack the thread but am looking for something similar in North America (I’m in Canada). Preferably smaller hubs, trying to avoid going 90mm if possible.

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@JonathanLau1983 I’m from Croatia. Shipping should be 15-20 eur, but I can ask around if you are interested.

Thanks for the offer, but I’ll hold out to see if anyone else has anything to offer in the UK.

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If no other options arise ive got Koowheel hubs, I can ship them with or without Riptide bushings, with front truck and wheels as well :slight_smile: (they should be the 90mm variant) I ship from Utica

No one? 10 char

Last bump. No takers?

Will be looking to order hubs tonight

You sure a riser pad wont set you straight?

Not trying to push mine to you as I know youre on the other side of the pond, but if youre really keen on saving the money by buying used, a riser pad ( just a few dollars) wont set you back much at all

@anon64938381 I’m going to PM you. Cheers