Wtb Complete board

I’m trying to decide if I should build a board or just buy one. I want a board with a lot of range. Was gonna have kaly.nyc build me a board but he is busy. I really like the style of the trampa boards. If anyone wants to sell theirs or can suggest someone who can build me one that’d be great.

Try @BigBoyToys He knows his way around Trampa.

Will do. Thanks.

I am working on two boards – but I am not an expert. Have you just considered buying a complete electric board from them?

Don’t get me wrong I did save some money using like a cheaper ESC and a cheaper motor mount on my first board. But on my second, I used (2) VESC6 + nowind motor mount + custom battery pack + soldering tools, etc, etc etc… it all ran close to about $2000 anyways.

For about $1200-$1700 USD they have electric boards that come with everything but like Zippy battery packs. Of course their builds they don’t have a complete build with an underside battery (covert), but if that isn’t an issue… just go with them. You get the VESC6 for less money too if you buy from them an e-board.

Just saying you know – you are going to pay about $2200 for a Kaly board anyways.


Yea. I just really liked the sleak look of kaly boards. Everytime I looked on trampa site it was a bit hard to navigate. I’ve never really had much time to look since I’ve been moving. But that’s why I want a board now because I can commute to work and in town. The cost wasn’t a issue I just want it built right the first time and I know if I built it I would take longer than I wanted too.

Cool well then seek him out, I have a parts order with him as well. He is in the middle of moving his workshop but I sent him an email and he finally did respond after a few weeks that he can start taking new orders at the end of October : [email protected]

I may get impatient. If I can’t find another suitable option then I’ll just wait.

Where are you located?

Savannah Ga