WTB: Complete Duel Motor Setup

Hey Guys,

I am looking to retire my old Gen2 bamboo and wanted to see if anyone had a good dual motor setup for sale, Bamboo GT or something custom? Please let me know if there is anything out there.


Raptor 2 still available at a nice price point. Downside is that it ships in 6 months. The Inboard looks also nice. Do you have any requirements?

I had a reserve on the Raptor but after all of the stories I have heard from them Ill wait to see what it offers and got a refund. Looking for something with at least 2400W+ 7s or 10s battery thats not too crafty and possibly something that has decent range and re-gen braking.

I currently have a raptor dual that has been barely used that I’m trying to sell if you’re interested.

Sent you a PM

I have a 2x 75kv Hubs with vesc, 10s2p and bms. $800.

Bump, Anyone with a GT or something similar .

@Dedbny has a beastly raptor dual for sale

How much are you asking?

Still looking guys anything out there?

Still Looking my man?

Bump Back in the market. I have around $1k-ish to spend. Sold all my parts on here not that long ago and regret it lol… let me know what you guys have!

tup tttt Ten Char