WTB deck EU (used or new)

Im located in EU, Croatia, and im putting together a board. Im getting HK Caliber trucks and flywheel clones and i need a deck. Is anyone selling their deck, or knows a good place to buy a cheap deck? Im planning to spend not more than 50$ on deck (i know its not much, dont hate :slight_smile: )

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I picked up a few boards in that price range. should be doable, just got to be patient to find what you want.

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not sure if it is still for sale but

those are pretty cheap too https://www.longboarddeal.nl/voltage-directional-dt-green-39-75-longboard-deck.html

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check your inbox :slight_smile:

Did you check your local markets? I got a complete on letgo for 500hrk

Loaded kut thaka 49$ https://loadedboards.com/kut-thaka-longboard-skateboard/

Limited edition, none in stock anymore.

:thinking: Idk but I can check out :sweat_smile: image

Damn well looks like they restocked it again then, not more then a week ago i tried to get one and it was all out of stock.

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Should be a good one. If I wouldn’t just have ordered an other short deck I would get that loaded. @Sender already received his kut thaka as far as I remember and he like it a lot.

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It is dope!

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If you still have a deck to still I’m looking to buy.

sorry, had only one