Wtb: e switch.. Luna cycle style

As.titled… Anyone got a luna cycle a switch fpr sale or any leads? The luna site is out of stock and didnt see any on our local vendors…


mboards used to sell the luna with a sticker over the brand but now they do this one with 280amps!!!

…cuz he’s got quite the rep going on lol… I was hoping to get it off Luna since they’re only 35… But if not then I’ll make a loop key for the amazing price of…zero lol


280A Continuous? Fake news?


How about a switch that doesn’t fail as soon as you plug it in?

Ain’t that a flipsky? :rofl:

Only 35 you said… did you look here: http://electricskateboard.repair/index.php?id_product=41&controller=product I think he sell also normal anti spark switches

yup out of stock too

Ah yes sorry i didn’t see :grimacing: