WTB EMTB DD or chain

Hi there, i’m looking to buy an emtb build, chain or direct drive prefer, from EU if its possible, for the shipping. Feel free to send me proposition and picture.


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Bump, no one with an unride build under the bed?

I have some old Carvon dd’s in USA but they need some repairs so probably not something you want.

You can get some nice chain drive kits from overion.fr if you don’t mind buying new.

Thanks but i already have couple of street build, i’m looking for a trampa or mbs for make dirty ride

I’ve got a set of the old style Trampa mounts and pulley if that’s any good


Send you a pm

What’s your budget? Can you build it yourself?

Budget around 1500/2000euros, i can build it myself but after many issue (joy of diy) with my twice street builds, i prefer buy a completly build emtb, ride is easyer and more pleasant for me than program fucking vesc/unity/what you want or waiting ton of parts.

Looking fot trampa r2r but little out of my budget.

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I’ve not had my royalty payment through this month. I demand £3 or you’ll have to change your profile picture :crazy_face:

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Ah I mis-read, your after the full build. I’ve only got the mounts. There are some options on ebay. If you message this guy you could maybe arrange something re postage. His names Matt I think. He has 3 boards for sale


Mine cost close to $6000 AUD to build quad that is…

At 6000, it’s a passion, not a hobby :joy:

Thanks mate, i will try to deal with him.

Edit : shipping impossible, nice try

my sprokets are still for sale


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Thanx, i’m lookin’ for a complete build :wink:

just get a trampa complete. they have some good options for a fair price already prebuild after your needs.