[WTB] [EU] 10s 2 or 3p battery & Remote

I’m in EU (Sweden) my prebuilt Landwheel broke down. Now looking to do a VESC conversion. Preferably I want someone with a parts within EU because shipping batteries is always a hassle.

I already have two VESCs, working motors, wheels, trucks, board, enclosure all sorted. All I need now is a battery and a remote.

I’m pretty new to all this, I’m not sure 100% what I need specifically. But I have been recommended a pack with 10s 2p Samsung cells. I will be using a flipsky vesc with Landwheel hub motors. Any advice/offers is appreciated.

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You be better posting this in the other forum, alot of people from here have transfered over.


i bought two of these and they arent bad for local riding.


First thing I see is “Shipping to USA only” :confused: otherwise good recommendation. And thanks for the link, will be checkout out that forum when I have time.

Check @Acido and @pjotr47, they build high quality battery packs in EU :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the mention, I if you ever need a battery just send me a pm and we can work out some discount since you mentioned me quite a few times if I remember :slight_smile:

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@visnu777 Thanks for the tag!

@BearBoi come to the Paris event and win that 10s4p battery pack :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to reality, around the beginning of August I have some time so If I can help you with something, you can send me a pm.

Hey, if you want you can get my 10s3p samsung battery. I only used it for 3 drives so its brand new.