[WTB] [EU] big, low KV motors

hey there, I recently finished building my electric mountainboard and i’m loving it! I used some older spare motors because i had to finish it before my summer holiday (shredding it on the campsite!) Now, sadly, one of the two motors failed on me so i’m opting to buy two other motors for it through this forum.

i could buy new, yes i know, but after spending all my budget on new focboxes because they decided exploding was a fun thing to do… i really don’t have that much cash left. this build is already more expensive than i’d like it to be :sweat_smile:

i’m looking for at least 6374 in size, and a maximum of 190KV, 160 is preferable. sensored is also preferable but not a neccesity. brand is not important.

also important, i’m located in the Netherlands. thanks!

Maybe just picking up some Dickyho motors would be in your budget? You can also run different motors on each side - Especially if they’re the save KV.

From UK got all kinds of size and KV

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Looking for something secondhand, regarding budget. But thanks for the replies!