[WTB - EU] Custom 18650 battery for Trampa Monster Box (like 12S9P)

Hey guys,

do you know somebody who is doing such kind of customized batteries? There are two different statements on the Trampa Website regarding what fits into the box: Usable space for batteries: 205x190x74

  1. link = 12S6P https://www.trampaboards.com/monster-box-with-space-for-twin-internal-vesc-made-specifically-to-work-in-conjunction-with-trampas-electric-deck-p-25814.html

  2. link = 12S9P http://www.trampaboards.com/monster-box-cell-options-c-1341.html

I’m living in Germany and I heared that the customs can be a pain… so EU to EU would be the best I think.

Or would you just buy 2x HRB 6S 22000mah and have the ability to swap batteries on the go?

Greetings Dominik

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I can do. But the waiting list is this moment until the first off september

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Trampa is from EU. Well from UK to be exact!

Yeah, but he is not doing batteries, right? :slight_smile:

Oh yea sorry should have read the title more cleary… You can buy lipos form hobbyking eu warehouse.

Here you can find the packs that fit

I know all these information, but thanks :slight_smile:

I’d just wanted to know if somebody knows exactly how many 18650 batteries fit in the monster box and knows someone who builds it for me! :smile:

Or if it isn’t worth the hassle and just take 2x 20000mah turnigy’s…

Im also making batteries but the wait line is a month at least

I highly considered going liion in mine, but for a pack the size it was lookin to be a pretty expensive battery! I opted for the 4 zipped to “try out” the eMTB. I get about 15 miles. And that 4x6200 or 12400mah for each, just ordered the 20.0 from turnigy and am hoping for 25ish miles on a charge

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lipos are perfect for small range, high performance. as soon as you want to go over 20 miles range LiIon are smaller, lighter, easyer to handle and give as well enough performance for most of us. if you lucky and can do your own pack than they also cheaper than good lipos.


The Turnigy 20’s are rated for 12C and 24C peak. But that should be enough, right? 12 * 20000…240A continuous?

The advantage of the lipos would be the ability to swap em’ in 1-2 minutes and drive on :slight_smile:

I can recommend @Tinp123 :slight_smile: Very fair prices and great CS.

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i agree really good seller