[WTB] [EU] New or Used Li-ion battery packs

Hi there,

As the title says I’m looking for batteries for my first esk8. Looking to run them in 10s

So if you have a battery pack that you didn’t end up using, or you bought the wrong batteries, anything like that let me know what batteries they are and we might figure out a deal.

Also if you have used it and you are not using it anymore, I am interested as well.

As a note: my enclosure can max fit a 10s4p 18650 battery

Did you check the price of members of the forum? For instance https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/eu-custom-li-ion-battery-packs/53388?u=rey8801 has fair price. For instance 175 Euro for a 10s3p battery made of 30Q its a good price. Of course if you don’t plan to build one.

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I have a 10s3p 30q flex pack with a bestech BMS with switch in the works. €269


I have two Turnigy 5s 5000 mah Lipo batterys which are completely unused. When you put them in series you have a 10s pack. :smile:

I have seen that one. Was just wondering if anyone else has some spare batteries. Is cheaper than letting someone build for me.

@Newby Thank you for the offer but I cannot afford those.

@Mich21050 How much do you want for those?

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What about 70€ plus shipping? :smile:

Isn’t there a lot of voltage sag with 3p?

Not much, 30qs can technically do 20a

I have a 10s3p Samsung 30Q I notice slightly lower top speed (2-3 kmh) when I have 20% left battery. Acceleration always good. Slightly less but no problem for hill climbing ecc… With my old 10s2p from China was a nightmare at 50% battery

How much range do you have on that battery?

When I put it in http://calc.esk8.today/ it gives me a ridiculous amount of 86km

I mean when you have Samsung 30q 10s and you put 3 in parallel you get triple 3Ah right? Because 1 samsung 30q is 3Ah.

Am I calculating something wrong here or is it the calculator lol.

@Superflim U would probably get more like 2.5ah x 3. So 7.5ah would be a good figure to go with

Then it is still 72km

Is there something wrong with the calculator or am i putting it in wrong?

I put in: 10s 3p 7.5 Ah

Technically 7.5ah x 36v = 270wh. That should give 27-30km more or less.

Not sure what went wrong there. Basic rule for regular longboard wheels is 8-10wh/km. With 10wh/km more commonly used.

–. 10s 5ah pack would probably ‘yield’ about 4.5ah x 36v = 162wh. +/-16km of range

If I out my battery in the calculator I get 30Km. You set something wrong. Anyhow in reality I get something like 24km I guess… I rode 20km at most and I had 20%left. That being said I ride pretty hard and there are hills in my are. So if you ride around 20-25kmh probably possible to reach 30km

10s3p 30Q si 9Ah battery. 333wh

I know what I did wrong now. I put in the total Ah of the batteries combined instead of 1

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20180811_213917 Just a forewarning, 5s lipos are huge. I would highly recommend just jumping onto hobbyking.com and getting 5 2s 8000mah FlightMax’s. Grab a cheap bms for charge only and you’ll be sweet. Would set you back about $180aud-ish

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i have a 10S4P LG HG2 pm if interested (EU)


Last check if anyone got some! Otherwise I’ll place the order for one of Pjotrs packs