WTB (EU) Remote and receiver

After several problems with the firefly remote I m looking for a simple/used Remote with receiver to get the board on the street at least😁

Thanks for the offers.

The most reliable one, batteries last half a year.


i use this remotee on all my boards too. the only time it got isues is when i slammed it onto the street when i fell. since then the on/off switch is wonky, but i ust use it as a backup and ordered a new one

Thanks for the Tipp. But im looking for sth from Europe. Ordering international is my last option :wink:

I have spare mini remotes lying around (Same ones as linked). In the UK.

I think i’ll start a webshop at some point for remotes, because people lose them and it takes weeks to ship them out from china, sucks for everyone.

I’ll also have a couple flipsky VX1 remotes some time soon (around the 15th i hope)

then get ready to spend more than you should :p.

the aliexpress remote was delivered 2 weeks after i ordered.