WTB [EU] Surfrodz

hello I need help . i would like to make a purchase at Surfrodz I registered in your shop 4 weeks ago, so far no answer for the account. also my many mail remain unanswered. can anyone please help me?

This isn’t surfrodz…


They’re bad with emails and calls. Just go to their site and make an order of what you want. If you have questions SR won’t answer I’m sure some of us can help

It’s just a language barrier. He’s asking for help from the community.

@Freakboard SR doesnt reply to emails often and they don’t really export. I assume you’re near Europe with that name? Buy from https://www.sickboards.nl/en/99_surf-rodz?search_query=surfrodz&fast_search=fs


If you’re outside the US you can’t order from them at all.


This is the point , i live in Europe :confounded:. I created a account for buy items . maybe someone from europe can help me with my accountPNG

You need someone from the US to help you, they need to buy the trucks and then forward them on to you. If you want to buy quickly you need to get from sickboards… but even stock there now is limited on full kits.

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I have Order bi sick board, but its not compline, I have buy the last items on this site :flushed:

In europe you can buy from sickboards.nl

Maybe someone bothers to buy for me and send them :heart_eyes::hugs:

Not wat I want . Thank

You can also use a service like shipito, deliver to the us warehouse and ship back to your adress


For Order i must have a us account . or you would offer me the service and receive swiss :chocolate_bar: Chocolate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So there we have it.

  • Sickboards have the EU market sown up
  • Surf Rodz do not answer email, especially from a EU source
  • You need a US reshipping service to get the great deals that sometimes come up on the SR site
  • Spacers and Axle bolts are too expensive and can be sourced elsewhere

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