[WTB] EU/USA 15mm Kegel 34/36t Pulleys and 15/16t Motor pulleys

Does anyone have some spares lying around? Doesn’t matter if new or used. Only thing is I don’t really trust printed ones.

I have 16T motor pulley :slight_smile:

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collections/clearance/products/36t-kegel-pulley-15mm-combo-kit Can someone tell me what the belt length on this set is? I guess the motor pulley is 16T? @torqueboards

Also I am in the market for an affordable 6374 sealed, sensored motor <190kv. Is bkb the best option?

Belt length is 265mm. Pulley is 16T.

We also have 15mm pulleys without the big hub (shown in the picture, which I don’t like) :slight_smile:

We have 6374 but not sealed… We also have a 6380 4100w motor soon :wink:

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@marcmt88 sells some pulleys for the Kegel that is where I got mine from

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Or wait for TB 6380 170KV for 4100 watts! :muscle:


@JLabs is doing a preorder for the kegels pulleys the more pulleys preordered the more of a discount we can get.

Yeah thanks. It’s going to arrive a bit too late for me but I’ll get one or two anyway.

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He said they will arrive in a month. If you need them now get @marcmt88 pulleys.

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But when tho?

@Acklavidian Soon… maybe 2-3 weeks.

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