WTB: FatBoy 230 or 240mm hangars (pair)

As listed in title. Will pay for shipping to Sydney Australia. Needing asap thanks you’s

What is the price you had in mind??

what price are you thinking and when can i get them by?

They are 121 euro per hanger new… why not order them direct from himself? :slight_smile:

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pretty sure they’re gonna take years to be made and shipped? I’ve contacted @Kug3lis so let’s hope for the best

I think the first group buy is over but he did say that he will have a second buy ready to go after the first lot has shipped, so like early to mid January

There really aren’t a lot of them floating around out there. I think getting from @Kug3lis and @3DServisas is your only bet.

Maybe I am wrong though.

dang that’s depressing. Looks like I’ll be running one motor till i get em then :frowning:

What are you running?

twin sk8 6474s. the fuckers are like 6mm too big for tb218s

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Run one on each truck? or mount them on opposite sides of one truck? prefer the former.

Thought you got that all sorted? Get some tb mounts and you’re sorted. More likely to get those than 3d hangers mate

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Something on your rear truck setup is bent I swear, one motor looks off

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Yeah, i would bet that the right one is bent :see_no_evil:

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No just shit installation. Lol. Had to watch @Deckoz video before I could keep them from coming loose. I use a cross brace now.

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