WTB - Flier Anti Spark Switch 300A

Hi all,

As title suggests, if you have one for sale let me know.


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They are just and ordinary antispark switch capable of about 80a continuous. You can pick one up from almost any brand.

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This one is good mate? https://buildkitboards.com/collections/batteries/products/100a-anti-spark-switch?variant=12590976598110

I was told the Flier one is premium, it will be used with 12S6P, 6380 motors.

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Its the same thing more or less. They all are massively overpriced. Its just several fets with a precharging resistor to prevent lock up. I prefer a xt90 loopkey. Every antispark i have used has failed at some point. Ive used about a dozen different ones

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I would love to use a loop key, however its just not aesthetically pleasing… if there was a way to make it look nice would love to.

After seeing all the nice builds on the Lacroix DIY threads using switches, a loopkey just does not feel right :slight_smile: