WTB gt2b mod or @ervelines telemetry remote(closed)

I would like to buy either for $50 or less or trade for a brand new nano x in box Thanks

$50 is too cheap. If you say like $30 in ADDITION to the Nano-X I would do it. GT2B and housing is already $60 and the time it takes to mod one makes it worth more.

I have one on the shelf. It’s even got an LED battery indicator in it


I would do the nanox and $20. Is ur remote brand new?

My nano x just came in yesterday. Never used. Still in box.

@Mikenopolis PM me if ur interested in my offer.

Mine is new. My selling price is $100. I always push people who wants to buy to my video. It’s a simple mod and cost you less. I’m not looking to sell but willing to if there’s a need.

As mentioned I would do $30 plus Nano-x (which I don’t even like, but the slow/fast switch is useful) this will bring my “selling price” to $80

ok thanks for the offer but i will pass.

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