WTB GT2B mod remote with receiver

Hi there, Is anyone able/interested in building a complete GT2B mod remote for me. I will pay for parts, printing, shipping, etc. I’m overwhelmed and can’t figure out which remote to go with for my build but feel like this is my safest option in moving forward. I’ve got a Frankenstein’s Monster meepo:

  • meepo v1.51 duel hub motors soon to be transferred to torque boards duel drive
  • Focbox unity I’m located in BC Canada but would be happy to pay for shipping from N. America and beyond, if needed. Can pickup from Seattle area. Thanks

like to run it from a sparkle case?

Yes That or close to it. I like the sparkle case for its size and design (palm fitting with subtlety). I’m open to options though. I just don’t want it to look like I’m trying to be a jet fighter

Search “gt2b case” on thingiverse. There are a few options.

Also check out the Mini 2.4 rc remote. It also has a handful of printable mod cases. Plus you cant go wrong with the Mini.

I have one fully assembled for sale

Tempted to have you make one for me too😴

I did mine from the sparkle. if you want i can help out.

Amazing. I’ll PM you

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Hi! Do you still have the modded remote?

i just ordered parts to make like 4 of these if anyone else wants to buy one can make one for you.

Using the ChoZen mod

Hi, I listed it on the new builder forum. It sold.


Thank you sir!