WTB Integrated Deck

Hi all, I’m looking to build a 10S5P 21700 build and am Looking for vendors/sellers of integrated decks similar to boards made by TomiBoiesk8 ( https://tomiboiesk8.com/ )

Or a board like the old 33” Torqueboards Rocket deck

If anyone knows of a place where to find more integrated decks for sale I’d be willing to check em out and buy.

Links or recommendations to others that sell integrated decks is much appreciated. Thanks!

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@Evwan might have one for sale

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I have a build on the rocket deck. You arent gonna fit anything over a 12s3p 21700 if you wanna charge through that hole in the deck. Anyways, I have a haya HB92 for sale. Deets here

I have a rare limited (1 of 1 i believe) blue rocket deck that I may be willing to part with, but its not gonna be cheap

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