WTB keys for Flipsky motors

So, I messed up. When I ordered the motors from Flipsky, I forgot to toss the keyways in my cart. I would really rather not have to pay for shipping again for $0.90 parts lol.

Does anyone know where I can get some moron pulleys that come with keyways? Or does anyone have some extra? Just figured I’d check!

Are you looking for pulleys with keyways, or someone to cut keyways into pulleys, someone to cut keyways onto motor shafts, or the actual keys themselves?

Well, I was going to buy the pulleys with keyways from @JLabs - so I guess I just need the keys

Just feel dumb buying $0.90 cent parts that I could have tossed into my last order haha.

I had 2 extra ones that I just sent to @yelnats8j yesterday :man_shrugging:


Haha, no worries. Just figured I’d put the feelers out. Gonna need them eventually. I wish the single 4.12 vescs were cheaper on their site because I need 2, and I could toss the keys in with that order :confused:

AliExpress has flipsky 4.12 for 52$ shipped

I know this! But what I’m looking for is the key for flipsky motors

I have some but shipping would not be worth it.

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Appreciated anyways :ok_hand:

I have keys available, I just don’t have a picture up


Oh I saw those, just wasn’t sure if they would fit the flipsky motors?

They should as long as it’s a 3x3 key, they’re pretty standard. Use a dremel to cut it down to length if it’s too long (:


Cool! This is exactly why I decided to post up about this. Thanks everyone for the help.

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Would you like one?


Hmmmmm… Enhance