WTB keyway for flipsky motors (uk) also looking for loctite

As title says looking for 2 keyway for flipsky motor based in uk

Also looking for some loctite for just some motor screws and a bunch of nuts and bolts (not sure which one is the best)

Pm me if you have


This is like loctite yeah?

And do they sell key ways


Key ways are usually 3mm x 3mm. If you don’t have a key then use a 3mm drill bit and cut the shaft section to the length you need with a dremel. Works a treat for a key.

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Yes they do but they only sell them with the pulley kit. Stupid I know because they really should come with the motors.

Don’t really have anyway of cutting metal bits so looking for an already cut into shape one

I don’t really mind about shipping times so doesn’t have to be uk based. More worried about price

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A hacksaw is very cheap, so is a file, they are the foundation tools of elementary metalwork and it is possible to have change out of £10 for both of them

You can find lengths of keyway (tool steel) on eBay and Aliexpress etc

Mate I am 14 if I turned up home with a hacksaw my dad would take it and kill me with it

Either way I bought the key ways from street wing and the loctite from a local shop

It is loctite 234 red bottle

A metal hacksaw has tiny teeth, you would find it about as hard to cut yourself with it as a butter knife Since you are 14, try talking to him and explaining why you would like it and how the diy scene interests you

A father

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dont worry not being literal

he is fine with my diy hobby

eitherway i have already ordered streetwing stuff. maybe in future i will invest in one

Wow your dad is pretty weird… Whats wrong with a hacksaw

I thought a hacksaw was like a normal saw

What would have happened if you came home carrying a saw one day when you were 14

Nothing lol, I played by smashing nails into a pieces of wood when I was like 5 :smiley:


my dad would have asked me ‘what you planning on cutting?’


This is a hacksaw giant-hydraulic-hacksaw-machines-500x500

This is also a hacksaw hacksaw