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WTB Landyachtz Switchblade 36

Just got an enclosure from BigBen and we were curious to see if the enclosure he made for the Landyachtz Switch 36 would fit my Switch Eagle 35, but it does not, even though it’s very close.

I figured I’d put out the feelers to see it anyone has one they don’t want before I buy a new one.

IMG_20190111_092728 IMG_20190111_092919

Not worth trying a block of black neoprene foam? Seems so beautiful and so close to not be able to make it work.


I mean honestly once you put the weather stripping around the outside and actually screw it down I think it would just conform to it

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If you flip it around, does the gap go to the back? Or is the deck bi directional? That gap could hold a cable organizer cleanly.


It’s bi-directional… Its a shame to not get it right, I think we should all keep an eye out to try to get you the right deck…

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They sell foam shims as well. Last 0.02¢ I swear


Spotted one on Amazon for 100

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Who does? 10char

Would it fit on a switchblade 38, because I have one?

I don’t think that works with fiberglass?

Gonna bump this because I may need a new one. If anyone has a landyachtz switchblade 36 laying around PLEASE hit me up :slight_smile:

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Where are the pics of the deck? Someone may be able to help you with that one? Perhaps @Sender


We chatted over PM :slight_smile: between my ambition to learn how to fix this and his skills maybe coming to the rescue I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

At the current moment I have all the inserts in and they seem to be solid so

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Great stuff. Keep me updated. Looking forward to seeing it built!

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I have a guy in my neighborhood who has one but it is pretty dirty