[WTB] Looking for a 63100 170kv ish Motor to buy


Does anyone here has a working one (preferably sensored) laying around and willing to sell it?


Damm thats some heavy shit. What are you building?

I’ve been looking but only APS seems to sell them. I asked Bruno if they could be retrofitted with hall sensors, he told me no due to stator size there is no room

Meaning you would need encoders if you want to have sensored motors, I am leaning towards these due to massive stator and overall weight

Have yet to see a build based on them

Should be around 1000g. Weighing in a little less than 2 x 6355 Wanna do a single motor 2-wheel drive. Gocart style.

I have seen a pic in here of a 2motor 4 wheeler done by a member of the french forum…

Looks neat!

Yeah APS seems to be the only vendor for those. All on backorder though.

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Cool! Could you keep me up to date I am curious how it will turn out :smiley:

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