WTB: MBS All Terrain Wheels, New or used (Europe)

I’m alternatively interersted in 90mm+ flyweels and generally all wheels with the same mount/spokes because I want to test several products I’m working on with them

These are the cheapest I have found. Comes WITHOUT bearings. I am also in Europe, and got mine after a week. They ship with FedEx express, or something like that.:slight_smile:


do you know how they compare to the real ones? quality, duribility, flywheel mounts fitting to them, etc?

Not much, I am a first time builder, and these are my first wheels.

Quality: They look alright, although the ones I got have small air bubbles (only one or two in a wheel, and they are only visible from the back of the wheel)

Durability: My board isn’t finished, so they were never used. Can’t tell much about durability.

Mounts: I am using enertion’s mount. It fits really nice.

If you want, I can send some pictures about them.

In stock in a couple of days. 83 and 90 mm, top spec super high rebound urethane. We make them to our specification using a special urethane. Good wheels make all the difference.


When’s your 125mm urethans wheels going to be ready @trampa? I’m looking at those as a potential alternative to 150mm pneumatics for commuting.

Although not on the site, they did have 2 sets of mbs 100mm when I went by yesterday.