WTB MBS Matrix II motor mounts and drivers

In the process of building a Lacroix board and ive hit a wall. I can’t find anyone with motor mounts and driver gears in stock. At this point ill take anything I can get, ATC, UNIK, IDEAL.

Also if someone knows where a man could find some id really really really appreciate it. Goal is to be off the GTX and on the Lacroix for the next esk8 ride next month.

Paypal ready

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Calling all parts maker






Dang mine just aren’t ready yet. Getting a a matrix II truck in later this week

How is the reliability of the matrix II trucks? Does the plastic base plate crack? Since many ask about mounts for these, I am considering it. What length would most people need for the motor plates?

they sell them with metal plate now.


Motor Mount ? Gear Drive ?

E-Toxx sir !!

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Etoxx makes some sweet stuff but I’m looking for a belt drive system.
I’d really like a set of the UNIK mounts and driver gears.

I have the new metal base plate and they look tougher en hell.

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Check this out https://www.janux-esk8.com/product-page/janux-dual-drive-motor-mount-system-for-mbs-matrix-pro-ii or anodized version :point_down:




also @3DServisas

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Just take @okp Unikboards mount, got them, rocksolid and reliable, just what we want from a good mount.

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There sold out :unamused:

Did you find any? … also looking for some.

Lol, the suggestions in this thread not good enough?

Unikboards out of stock, E-toxx, Janux, Fatboy massively expensive… so just a polite enquiry to see if Rocklocker had any luck and no need for your snarkiness asshole.

I bought my mounts from Lacroix, very very very nice mounts. Super solid and clean.

Search for @idea mounts here. He does some pretty nice job with his mounts and you can get pulleys and stuff as well from him in case you need.

Thanks Andy. Will look into it.

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Thanks Rocklocker. Didn’t realize they sold them.

I’m sure they actually do, I bought a deck from him so maybe that was my way in. I’d like to buy a second set myself.