WTB: MBS Matrix II Motor Mounts

I bought an MBS Comp 95 complete (u suck @Mobutusan, now Im never gonna have any free time :slight_smile:). Im looking for some motor mounts. I know @Idea makes them and @Kaly used too, But I really don’t need anything that intricate. Im looking for some pretty standard 63xx motor mounts to fit the MatriX II profile, as inexpensive as possible as I have 4 other projects going right now. Thanks


If you give me some files, or if you want me to design it for you, dimensions, I might able to help you out and ship them with your other four mounts :joy:


I’m not sure when it will get here, may be a bit. Whenever I get them Ill draw something up and send it to you. I was hoping someone had something already designed and tested so I could get going on this as soon as it arrives.

If someone else like Idea has them go ahead, put me down as a last resort :wink:

@Idea’s price point is the cheapest. About $200 shipped. But his drive pulleys are made of ABS or nylon… not aluminum.

@Nowind motor mounts are an engineering genius – between $450-600

@Scramboards – $300 + shipping

@torqueboards – $400

@Kaly – $200-$250 I think

I have been thinking a lot about getting a CNC router and 3D Printer to make my own motor mount. But in the end I feel it’s likely not worth it.

The most difficult part is finding a good aluminum 60-70T wheel. That is why mountain board vs longboard motor mounts are priced like $80-$100 vs $300.

I got a quote from Alibaba… I can buy 500 of those 62T wheels for $10/each 6061 aluminum. Want to go in on them with me? Just kidding.

Aside from the 60-70T wheel… everything else the motor mount plates can be cheaply cut on an XCarve / Shapeoko / 6040 which is essentially just a 2.5D part. The motor pulley can be bought on Ebay between $4-5 each… belt about $10/each.

I would do it for free man for you + cost of aluminum… but I am not getting a CNC until Xmas and it will be just a hobby version.

EDIT: I have both the @torqueboards and @Nowind mounts and happy with them both


I’m thinking the wheel pulley should a fairly easy design for 3d printing. I can adapt one if my other designs to fit the MBS wheel I think. Motor pulleys are no.problem, I’ve got 8 it 10 left. The issues is just the motor mounts. I’m thinking g of nobody has anything under 80 bucks each i may just hand cut some from 1/2 6011 stock.

Yeah I found one on thingverse… a 72T one.

Uhh – I think MBS has Trampa SuperStar hub pattern right? So you need 5 holes instead of 6. Each of the 5 holes should be 36mm from the center

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Sorry man. And by sorry, I mean you’re welcome. :grin: I would hit up @korryh for some mounts. He’s got mounting rings for Matrix 2 trucks and his mounts are solid. And only around $50/each, I believe. Plus, you could ask him to resize the mounts if you had a specific center to center distance in mind.

For pulleys, there are some decently priced aluminum 65t, 15mm units available from Aliexpress. Belts are cheap too. I just bought 4 of the wheel pulleys recently and they are identical to the ones @kaly was selling last year. They would need a handful of holes drilled in them to fit the bolt pattern of the MBS Rockstar 2 hubs, but should fit the bill. Otherwise, @idea might still be a good source for well priced, plug and play, printed pulleys. Plus you could go with his 20mm wide option for extra torque transfer.

Electric Scooter Rear Belt Pulley Motor 65Teeth Pulley for Belt Drive Motor Belt Sprocket ( Scooter Parts

(from AliExpress Android)


That’s a really good price for that pulley. Do you know if that is HTD 5mm pitch teeth? I thought I remember seeing that before… I didn’t know if that was HTD 3mm or 5mm.

It is HTD5. I actually bought two from this seller and two from one other seller on AliExpress and they were pretty much identical.

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Just got here, put it all together and have a question… Do the old style MBS Matrix II trucks and MBS RockStar II hubs need speed rings? If so, any ideas where to get 12mm speed rings? I don’t see them on the MBS site.

@Kaly @barajabali @Okami @Nowind @Idea

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I saw a couple on a site for UK market… though that was long ago and not sure which site it was… As for the are rings needed… well I think it depends on bearings, no? Otherwise the spacer (for axle) might sqeeze the bearing too much…

Not sure if this helps a lot… but thought to answer since you tagged me…

I appreciate it brother. This is just a little odd, there are no spacers or speed rings, just bearings. I assumed the spacers weren’t needed as the lip to hold the bearings is really deep, but I’m thinking I need the speed rings…just trying to confirm with people that have used the Matrix II trucks with Rockstar hubs.

:thinking: forgotten to post pictures

I’d pick up the phone and see if mbs can send you some.



Im at work and my boss just started looking at me funny (I was assembling the Comp 95), so this is as good as it gets until he’s gone :).


I wish I had a job where I could play with my toys. :sob:

I’m not sure what you mean by “old” Matrix 2, but, these trucks did not have springs, just the shock blocks. I guess MBS feels that springs are unnecessary now. AFAIK, these are the newest trucks by MBS, but my Comp 95/Matrix 2’s didn’t come with speed rings either. I’ve been riding without speed rings for a while and everything seems fine. Maybe they’re not needed because of the hanger/axle design and since the outer race is so much larger diameter than the axle nut? The only place I can find 12mm speed rings by name is on the Trampa website. They call them “shim spacers”. Maybe your work has some under that description?

Thats the only ones I found as well. Ill be ok without them. Just need the motor mounts from you then print my pulleys and I should have everything else. We will see :slight_smile:

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Go figure I find you here. Where’d you end up finding these?

What are looking for?

The 12.2mm ID 16mm OD speed ring like tramp sells.

2 bucks for the 8 speed rings, 14 more for shipping wah