WTB Metr-pro in the states

Anyone in US selling Metr-pro blue tooth module?

I have a few. I can let go.

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Right on! How much you want for one?

I’m looking for one too!

$70 including shipping if in USA. You can PM me.

Is it one with the antenna? New used?

All new. No antenna.

Hey I have a question for you, it seems you either work with or for TB. I have your guys 12s4p battery, what bms do you guys use?

I don’t think it’s a specific model or anything. But we’ve been using it for a long time. It’s a 12S 60A BMS.

Basicly I’m wondering if I go downhill on a full charge will I lose breaking?

@Skyart15 Depends if you have a very steep hill or if it’s a tiny hill. Ideally, if you ride around the block before you go downhill you should be fine. I haven’t heard of any issues with our pack having issues going downhill on a full charge. We’re looking into offering a braking resistor pcb in the near future.

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:laughing::sweat_smile::joy::joy: Lol