WTB: Mini Cruiser (Dinghy, <30", ...) EU

Hey guys,

Been inactive for a long time after finishing my build. I lost the thrill for esk8ing and kind of regret not going for a more portable build as I’m not using my icarus so often.

For my next and final build I’d like to do a mini cruiser. So lets start with a deck. Looking for less than 30" and preferably with a kicktail. Will also be looking for trucks, motors and mounts.

@JLabs has the spud

just started a Build with the Quinboards Mini Me http://www.quinboards.com/mini-me_micro-me.html 30“ with Kicktail

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I sell Alien power system 6374 motor and Sk3 6364

forgot to mention EU only :slight_smile: @bevilacqua also planned with either the micro or mini me. But didnt want to drop that much for a new board.

Looking forward to it ! Are you doing a build thread ? Whats going to be your setup ?

The Spud has no tail

Unikboards has what you need, but no tail.

The Plan is to build a light travel board, no high power, or high speed. Integrated electronics (Board with Cutout + 3D Printed Core + Carbon Fibre bottom layer). As light and sleek as possible.

Battery pack has to be replaceable and sub 100Wh (because of airtravel).

I also plan to make it a push-assist only board (Ackmaniack software). That way I can go with a single small hubmotor, no need for big torque.

I ordered some parts already, but I should wait till the end of my UNI-Exams :D…

I’ll maybe create a build thread in the future…

Looking forward to your build too :slight_smile:

I am organising a group buy which will be including Landyachtz Dingy Emboss but it is on hold till mid march due to lack of stock. I’m guessing you will want to be riding your board by then though.

I have trucks, motors and mounts in stock at street-wing.com , everything is stocked and dispatched from the UK.

Is that the deck that’s like the plastic penny boards?

Maybe sort of?

Full details here: http://landyachtz.com/boards/mini-cruisers/dinghy-emboss

Ok so it just looks like plastic, but it’s wood

good ole 100% Canadian Maple :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input guys :slight_smile: The spud is not for me since it has no kicktail. If anyone has a used Dinghy that’d be awesome ! @DavidBanner I don’t think I can wait that long :sweat_smile: