[WTB] Motor Mount (DIY Older Style)

Looking to get older style motor mount from .

They are now selling a newer version with different clamp and mount but I’m looking for older version as on the image above.

New, full motor mount kit with screws preferred. Pulleys / belt not needed but if you do have them, make note and I’ll think about it :slight_smile:


I have 2 of the motor mount sets but they are beat up.pretty good. I’ll send you pics Monday.

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Tip for installing those mounts.

Put the clamp on the hanger in place and snug with the main bolt and then Squeez it down on the hanger by putting a C-clamp on it and then tighten the main bolt. This way you won’t strip the main bolt.


Ya they do need a lot of force to tighten them. I slightly stripped both the stock bolts. Then I ordered new hardened 12.9 bolts and never looked back. I like the c-clamp idea. Good thinking.

I said fuck it and just jb-welded the ring in place.

Umm but why is this turning into “how to tighten the clamp” thread? :confused:


Bump! Any new offers?

Check these out, they are similar in design

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Don’t worry I know about those. Those are for the next build. I need DIY one for the dual upgrade :slight_smile:

Still looking for this older-style Torque Boards (DIY) mount, if anyone has it. Mount + Clamp. Come on, sure they sold heaps of those, some of you must have extra! :slight_smile: Cheers!