WTB: Mountainboard Parts (EU)

Hey Guys. I want to build a Mountainboard and thought I first check out the second hand market before going for new parts.

So please offer anything:

  • Motor Mounts
  • Decks
  • VESC / FOCBOX Dual
  • Complete Boards

I really like the Trampa Boards but I am not close minded. I am from Austria so it would make sense if you come from Europe because of the Shipping.


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Hey there! I might have something for you, would you be interested in a TRAMPA MTB build? I’m from Italy and if you want try it I’m near BOLZANO which is pretty close to you! Edit: my phone correct have to BE something for you and it sounded weird🤣

A couple of options on eBay (whether they will ship from UK to Austria though, you could ask :+1:t2:)




Thanks guys - already ordered all the parts for my MTB Project… but thanks for offering

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