Wtb: (No longer needed)Bestech d223v1 10s LiPo BMS

Hey! So, I live in Nsw Australia and a BMS is needed for my electric skateboard. d223v1 10s for Lipo, cutoff voltage 3v. Doing some upgrades and I need a BMS.

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good luck g

I might have one in the UK. I can check in the drawers when I get back home.

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Ok, thank you


im also in the uk :slight_smile: do you still have that BMS. as i have burn the fuse on mine.


IMG_6227 This one. 10s Bestech BMS for lipo. @Milena 59 Cheap option… 84 days delivery aim??

Is that to the UK . 84 days!!

@Z4MSupreme That’s from the UK to Australia. The OP is in Australia?

is that for 80A discharge? if he doesent want it i might take it. located in the US.

It’s the 80A discharge for lipos. @Milena 1st in line, @Z4MSupreme 2nd and if they’re not interested it’s yours. I’ll have to check the price on them.


I’ve ended up buying mine from http://litechpower.com/product-detail/HCX-D596LI10S80A-04.html which is the bestech distributor.

So you can take my place. Thanks though🤘

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How much are wanting for the bms? Id take the first mailing option.

£45 shipped to your sunny doorstep?

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@bigben Deal, send me a pm

@bigben Or send my bro a pm: @mynamesmatt , hes far more active on here than i am lol

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