WTB or Trade, MBS wheels


I want to buy used or new MBS wheels, I will pay 60 usd include shipping, or in exchange with used abec11 97mm original formula.

all four of them as same wear. 2 of them has wear in core for pulley screw to go in.

FYI I live in Canada,

what mbs wheels? I have the 100mm wheels

Do you have pictures of the wheels?

me or him?

I mean @Holyman92

i do, they are on my board lol give me a sec


Man…if you would have posted this a couple weeks ago I would have been all about a swap. I already have a brand new set of 97s now :frowning: .

I have a set of the black MBS wheels (not shaved) with very low use (probably less than 10 miles on them).

These be them.