WTB parts for a dual motor upgrade [EU] TB 218 trucks, TB 6374 motor, Reverse mount TB, TB VESC

Hey guys so I have a large list off parts i am looking for in the [EU]. I am upgrading my single 6374 to a dual. These are the parts I am looking for would be the best if they are bundled because of the shipping and stuff. I don’t care that much about the state (new or used) as long as they aren’t bend especially with the trucks. There also shouldn’t be extra holes or chamfered parts on or in them. Keep in mind that my reference is the TB site and i will buy them all at once so won’t pay any shipping cost. So please don’t recommend TB trucks that cost 90-100eur because i can buy them for 80eur via TB.

  • Reversed motor mount 2x
  • TB 218 mm trucks
  • 6374 TB motor
  • TB VESC (new state is preferable) I will give you fair prices and willing to pay for the shipping. As long as it isn`t too far away from the Netherlands (USA, Australia and Argentina for instance). Price really depends on the products state.

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Wrong place for this.

Try here:

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Ah oke thanks