WTB raptor 2 motor only

hello i finished my third esk8 now… loaded vanguard, focboxes, evolve supercarve trucks, hub motors! super nice esk8. Now im looking for a new project. i want to make another hub esk8… i wil make another esk8 with evolve trucks but now i want raptor hubs. Looking to hear if someone wants to sell them.

note: no i cant use the current selling hub kit on enertion site, because i need the raptor 2 motor and NOT 2.1.

hopefully someone has 2 willing to sell :slight_smile:

gr sam

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Ask @SeanHacker. He probably has more than one pair. Although he clearly stated that the Raptor ver 2.0 has a lot of problems.

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Yep. I have 4 pairs of them.

@hoeksame1 Sorry but I’m not selling any of them. I would rather burn them in a fire than have someone else get hurt from these shitty motors that Enertion releases without testing.