WTB: Red Boa wheels... Fast

I need a set of red boa wheels, pretty fast. I have everything else ready to for a new build using a LY Top speed that @Sender skinned for me.


I have the SR TKP drive train built, the FocBox’s configured and the battery pack. All the bits and pieces are in place. I was gonna use 97mm Flywheels but this thing really needs red wheels.

Hook a brother up, I’ll owe you a favor. Thanks


Such a clean looking job.

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It’s epic, has a @bigben enclosure too :grinning:.



And that tidy little cable tidy!


Yeah, my homeboy went all out, he does great work.


If I had a spare set I wouldn’t give them to you Mike. :heart:


Maybe @b264 still has his test set and you can dye the cores?

Or maybe @captainjez has a set hidden away


I appreciate it brother. :grinning:

That would be cool. The rear will have black retainers anyways, I can print something for the front.

What say you @b264, you still have them?

PM’d ya. Could work.


Ooooooooft :heart_eyes:

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There’s a funny story with that enclosure. I had fit a switch plate in it in the bottom, the last bottom mount I’ve done (I don’t he side or top now). Mounted it to the deck, got everything running and took it out for a test ride.

Jumped off a curb, didn’t see a rock in the road, which hit squarely on the switch plate. Was so mad I stripped it all down and built another board :grinning:.

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That’s got to be wounding man! I hate shit like that. My mate restored a car once, we are talking nut and bolt restore here. On the way to the MOT station he crashed it and it set on fire…


Yeah, I curse a lot in regular life… I would’ve made a sailor blush that day :grinning:.

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broo if someone buys it rn. :rofl:

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I curse more than a sailor with Turrets… Right there with ya bro

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i cuss a lot. like a lot. like a lottttttt

Well sort it out young man, no one likes a pottymouth


young man, they’re aint no man in me. all toddler. and plus im more of a tattle tale :joy:

Ha! Me!!! Liked??? Like there was ever a chance. Besides, all my favorite words are four letter words… and bitch lol