WTB SIMPLE RELIABLE (USED) remote, motor pully, and\or wheel pully

Reading about remotes and I’m kinda nervous about getting a unsafe one. This is my first build and I’m also getting to the end of my budget (do to a lack of due diligence I thought I’d able to reuse a lift board remote) also if I can help it I’m hoping to not end up with one of the RC ones with the steering wheel.

I don’t need a display, or anything other than go, stop, and maybe 2 speed modes. Just needs to be stable and smaller than a 1950s microphone. I thought I’d ask here about a used one cause I’m really hoping to stay under 30 bones and still get it in under 3 weeks {us}

If anyone has anything that’s fits the bill they’d like to part with please shoot me a line and we can get down to the brass tacks.

Also, need to get my hands on a motor pully w\8mm shaft, (I’m looking to reuse the wheels and wheel pully from the lyftboard mentioned above, but I can’t seems to remove the motor pully) Any input on compatible pullys and belts on that end would be greatly appreciated. I’m toward the end of the parts list, and these little things are what’s left. And hopeing to score some used but serviceable parts to get on the road.

Thanks for the look See y’all on the road

Those are the most reliable ones :rofl:


What country are you in? It’s not on your profile


Should be a requirement to even post

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I have a used 16T motor pulley as well as a 42T wheel pulley and a 37T wheel pulley. Lmk if you are interested and I can sell them for a good price.

I might have a used remote too but I would need to check to make sure I didn’t already sell it.

I’m in the US though I put it in my post. But I’m updating profile. Tyvm

‎ Yvfw :wink:

I’m interested. Can i get some photos? Ever find remote? Sorry didn’t realize responded to the email not didn’t b work lol


Its actually at 12T pulley, not 16T. The wheel pulley is 42T. I also have some spare 12mm belts too you can have. They are 330mm and 305mm both new. I can do $25 shipped if you paypal me via friends and family.

I also have a Winning remote. I tested it and it works, but I never actually used it in a build. I’ll sell it for another $10 if you buy the pulleys too.


I also just found a 37T wheel pulley and a 16T motor pulley in my drawers too! IMG_0141

know im late to the response, but you dont still have those pulleys do you?