WTB TB 218mm Trucks

Want to buy 218mm TB trucks. I’m located in EU and paying $40 for shipping is kind of a lot since those trucks are only $65. I don’t mind paying a little more for them. Even a $10-$30 discount would be nice if someone could get them to me this cheap :D.


Try to get the money and pay for shipping or add some other parts for your build, the trucks are worth it!

Remember that there will also be taxes :roll_eyes:

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I already bought 2 sk3 74’s and the only thing I need from TB are their trucks :confused:

SK3 74s and TB218 means quite a butt clenching distance between motors…


1.5 mm butt-to-butt.

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Perfect lol. Also what mounts are you using to run 15mm belts?

These are @dickyho mounts. I love them. Older version, now he has ones with crossbars and stuff. :slight_smile:

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Organize a group buy and buy 5 pairs, you will have a much better price

Also consider a group buy for hangers from @Boardnamics He’s doing extended caliber hangers that use shoulder bolts like surfrodz. (Gives you tons of width adjustment) Then just use caliber/Randal baseplates

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The best thing would be if I could somehow get a long hanger for 2x sk3 motors to work with evolve double kingpin.