WTB Tb trucks USA

Looking for trucks and mounts capable of holding 6374 motors. Hell I’d even try mtb style trucks if the price is right. Building budget Frankenstein winter board for getting to work. Don’t wanna ride my nice stuff all winter in this rain.

  • still searching for used TB 218 trucks

Ive got a pair of the boardnamics motormounts that I’m not using. Brand new. $40 shipped including PayPal fees

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I’ll let you know. Not in a rush. Wanna see what else pops up. Kinda leaning towards used items for $$$ sake

im selling caliber 2’s if you want

Only have 6374 and bigger motors. Need wider. Thanks tho


ahh yeah, only way they would fit are if you go diagonal.

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i read inbetween your lines… I want freee stuff freeeeee stufff…



Lol always. Naw trying to build a budget rain board with parts i give no f**ks about. Tired of walking to work on heavy downpour days.

with your riptide deck? or something bigger? maybe you need a wowgo? :thinking::laughing:

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I’ve got a deck a buddy gave me. Motors i don’t care that much about. The riptide dual esc w/remote A not so great but wil work 10s battery. Multiple sets of wheels/ pullys

Just trucks and mounts holding me back atm. Funny I’ve sold two sets of tb trucks this year…

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I’ve still got the mtb trucks you gave me. You want em back?

Idk… ill have to deal with the 12mm axles. And does anyone make mounts for them?

the haggy pneumatics have bearings like 8x22 mm right?

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Paris style should fit as the hanger is round. I’ll check dimensions of everything and report back

Correct. But im using a 10mm bearing because surfrodz. But yeah, normal skateboard bearings. It’s the pully that has a special bearing. But i have pully bearings with 12mm inner diameter

ok than you will have a hard time to find bearings with 12mm inner hole for them.

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What are the axle lengths?

If mmaner wasn’t so busy id ask him to lathe them down to 10mm except for a lip for the pully bearing.

the shafts pressed in, or only fixed with a scrub screw? maybe it´s possible to change the shaft. but than i also don´t know where you can get a 10mm shaft which fit to the trucks.

They are old school mtb trucks.
I don’t think the axles came out.

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